SESSION #2 • Day 2: Immersion at the Montpellier site

A busy schedule lies ahead on this beautiful day at the Regional Government offices. In order to start off on the right – and left – foot, the first exercise is to talk about something good and something bad that happened during the previous week. This activity helps us learn a little more about each other and forget the rigid work regime in a more relaxed atmosphere.


To kick things off, “Regional President” Lucas and his assembly of ambassadors establish a plan of attack with the aim of bringing together each participant’s strongest skills on the playing field.


9:30, time to get started! An over-motivated team invades all the spaces of the Regional Government. Nary a nook or cranny escapes the keen eyes of our experts.

Investigative skills are revealed through increasingly laidback questioning techniques.

With this formidable amassing of information we are then able to pose questions and establish a certain methodology for the work to come.

12:30, back at Cap de Ville around tray lunches. In groups, everyone talked about their morning and the exchanges in the interviews they conducted. This information was then written up in a report on the different reactions to our concepts.


2 pm, sharing of and feedback on tools with the whole group with the aim of identifying the trends that led to the development of 5 project tracks.


Each ambassador found an interesting place in one of the proposals. With the goal of creating a first draft of the project, groups of 4 addressed questions like: For whom? Where? What? How? Why? With the goals of creating a first draft of the project.

  • Occ’ Trotteurs
  • Everyone find your room!
  • Book box
  • Le Nème Lieu
  • Zap & Zen
  • Take a break, find a direction!