Mulhouse is the first french city to launch into La Transfo program, in june 2016. The goal : articulate the new working methods provided by La transfo with Mulhouse city hall’s existing measures (such as the « Participation Agency », the mission « Intelligent city and innovation ») to build together an overall public policies’ improvement process.



The residents

Anne-Laure Desflaches, Christine Milleron and Yoan Ollivier are the 3 residents of La Transfo Mulhouse. Experimented professionals, they are mandated by the 27e Region to support and train the Mulhouse agents for all the duration of the program.

Anne-Laure Desflaches, designer, works for the “Fabrique de l’Hospitalité”, the co-creation lab of Strasbourg Hospital, and co-founded the collective Les ateliers RTT.

Christine Milleron, former scheduler in a Parisian theater, founded the agency EsoPa Productions which designs and produces art projects focused on territorial challenges.

Yoan Ollivier, designer, co-founded the agency Plausible Possible and was a resident of La Transfo in Burgundy in 2012-2013.


The resident “at home”

Sébastien Houssin, Project Manager within the Performance Piloting Department, provides the link between the 27th Region, residents, ambassadors and the network. He acts as “resident at home”.

The ambassadors

A group of 20 agents of all categories, departments and directions, actively participates in all the sessions organized by the residents throughout the program and learns to master new tools and new work positions. First links of the program, the ambassadors are also in charge of spreading the “Transfo mindset” to their colleagues.

The network

In Mulhouse, an extra group of 20 agents act as observers of the process. They are also responsible for questioning and relaying it internally, using tools provided by the team (blog, communication media …). They may also be occasionally requested to attend the working sessions.

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