Practical case#1: Improving working and convening spaces for the new administration of the region

On the recommendation of President Delga, the first practical case was an internal subject, therefore contributing to the construction of the new Region: re-organizing collective workspaces, rethinking conviviality within the Region administration is a major stake in the situation of double work sites. The topic addressed the agent’s concerns in terms of working collectively, user-friendliness, and working on various sites. The learning objective was to explore the whole innovation process, from analysis and creativity to experimentation and prototyping. The General Resources department accepted to be the ‘case owner’ for this first project. Among the prototypes: ‘Nième Lieux’, an alternative space within the administration premises for public agents and visitor to share a coffee, arrange an informal meeting, use as co-working space, etc.; Occ’trotteur, a social network for the administration; ‘A Room of one’s own’, a search engine to find a suitable meeting room.