For two years, Paris has been resolutely engaged in a process of transforming its administration. In order to continue the simplification of its internal processes and the evolution of its organizations, for better public services, it launches in the Transfo in November 2016.



The residents

Julien Defait, Caroline Gerber and Arnaud Wink are the 3 residents of La Transfo Paris. Experimented professionals, they are mandated by the 27e Region to support and train the Paris agents for all the duration of the program.

Julien Defait is designer at La 27e Région.

Caroline Gerber is coach, town planner and facilitator in collective intelligence.

Arnaud Wink is designer.

The ambassadors

A group of 20 agents of all categories, departments and directions, actively participates in all the sessions organized by the residents throughout the program and learns to master new tools and new work positions. First links of the program, the ambassadors are also in charge of spreading the “Transfo mindset” to their colleagues.